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Parking on Campus at Red Deer College

We serve students, visitors, faculty and staff in their day-to-day parking needs at Red Deer College.

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General Public

Faculty and Staff

Parking Regulations

Carpooling and Alternate Transportation

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*Due to COVID-19 students will not be required to purchase a parking permit, if you are on campus for the Fall and Winter term.  To purchase parking for the Spring term, please check back in April.

Students can purchase parking through our ePermit system. We recommend using Google Chrome as your browser.

Apply for parking






Steps on how to apply for parking through the ePermit system:

  • Click on the ’Apply for parking’ link
  • Register for a permit
  • Select location
  • Select Credit or Apprentice student 
  • Select your permit type
  • Use your email address to create an account
  • Enter details for number of weeks or months you are purchasing, as well as your license plate number
  • Review and accept your permit 
  • Proceed to payment

The ePermit system only takes credit card or visa-debit. If you do not have those, you will need to purchase a Visa/Mastercard gift card. If a Visa/Mastercard gift card is used, please keep the card in case you need to cancel your permit and require a refund. Refunds can only be refunded to the original source of payment.

Questions can be directed to parking [at] rdc [dot] ab [dot] caor please call the Cashier's office at 403.342.3132.

Rates 2020/2021

East Zone (Lot C/D - paved, unreserved)

  • 8 months (Fall & Winter Term) = $344
  • Spring = $95   

West Zone (Lot N/R - gravel, unreserved)  

  • Monthly = $40/month (up to 4 months available for purchase for Fall & Winter).
  • Spring = $95

West Zone parking is also available by the month so students who are only on main campus for 1 or 2 months can purchase that length of parking. If you are on campus for 1, 2 or 3 terms you should purchase 4-, 8- or 10-month at a time to guarantee your parking.

Gary W. Harris Canada Games Centre (Lot Q - paved, unreserved)

  • Monthly = $43/month (up to 4 months available for purchase for Fall & Winter).
  • Spring = $95     

Apprentice Zone (Lot B, T or U - gravel)    

  • Weekly = $20/week up to 12 weeks available for purchase 

Donald School of Business (DSB) Student Parking

  • Students utilizing public transit for travel to RDC's downtown campus, home of the Donald School of Business, may purchase half price parking for RDC's main campus by going to our automated system and selecting East Zone – DSB (Fall, Winter or Spring) or West Zone - DSB (Fall, Winter or Spring). Once requested, your permit application must be approved before it can be paid. You will receive an email when the approval is done – generally within 24 hours.
  • Student parking downtown to attend RDC's Donald School of Business is not available through Red Deer College. A variety of options are available for downtown parking and maps. Please visit The City of Red Deer website.
  • Donald School of Business students who purchase downtown parking will be eligible to park at no charge on RDC's main campus in Public East/West parking lots by displaying the proof of purchase of a monthly downtown parking permit. The permit must be clearly visible for Campus Security personnel.
  • For public transit and route information, please visit The City of Red Deer website.
  • Students often take advantage of the semester bus pass sold by the Students’ Association at a discounted rate. Please contact the SA by email at sardc-general [at] rdc [dot] ab [dot] caor phone at 403.347.8510 for more information.

Students in Residence

Students living in Residence should apply for parking in Lot K at the Residence office. Please see the Residence website for more information.

Accessible Parking

Accessible parking stalls are located throughout campus to allow for ease of access to all College facilities. Please check the campus parking map for specific locations or email parking [at] rdc [dot] ab [dot] ca () for more information. You can also visit the Fees Office in person at the Cashier’s Office (1100).

Accessible Parking Application

General Public

Daily, hourly or short-term visitor parking is available in public lots (east or west) at the main campus. You can pay with cash or credit card at one of our three Pay stations located inside the main campus building, near the Main Entrance, Arts Centre or Four Centres (The Patch) and the Main Entrance of Gary W. Harris Canada Games Centre.

Short term parking for a maximum of 30 minutes is available in the short-term parking, located near the main entrance.

Please remember your license plate number for the payment at the Pay station.


  • Public East/West - Effective weekdays: 8 am to 5 pm | $2/hour to max of $10/day
  • Gary W Harris - Effective weekdays: 8 am to 5 pm | $2/hour to max of $10/day
  • Short Term Parking - Effective weekdays: 8 am to 10 pm | $1/30 minutes

There will be no charge for parking at RDC during the following times:

  • weekday evenings after 5 pm
  • weekends and statutory holidays - all day

*exception to the above is Short Term Parking, Bethany CollegeSide and Lot K (residence)

Faculty and Staff

Information on employee parking is available by emailing parking [at] rdc [dot] ab [dot] ca () or on TheLoop under Services>Parking at RDC

Parking Regulations

  • Security personnel routinely monitor all lots and parking violations are determined by our license plate recognition program.
  • Two license plates can be registered, but only one vehicle can be on campus at a time.
  • Only one person can be registered for a permit, if you would like to participate in carpooling, you will be required to register, provided a carpool stall is available.
  • Permits are not transferable or for resale.

View full RDC Parking Regulations

Carpooling and Alternate Transportation

Alternate transportation initiatives are available and encouraged at RDC including carpool, bicycle and public transit use. For details please visit RDC's Green campus webpage or email parking [at] rdc [dot] ab [dot] ca ().

Register for RDC's carpooling program: Student Registration Form | Employee Registration Form 

For public transit and route information, please visit The City of Red Deer website.

A discounted public transit SARDC Semester pass is available for purchase:

  • At the Students' Association office located on the 2nd floor of RDC's main campus (cash, debit or credit card)
  • At the Donald School of Business, on the 3rd floor of the Millennium Centre, at the Information Desk (iCard, debit or credit card)

Managing your Parking

To check the status of your permit, please follow these steps:

  • Go to the ePermit system
  • Log in under ‘Manage My Permits’
  • On the ‘Permits’ section you will see a drop down list of different permit status’
  • Click on the permit number and you will see the status on the top right hand side
    • An expiry date is shown – Permit is valid and has been paid for
    • Declined/ Cancelled – Invalid permit
    • Approved (Pending payment) – Payment is needed to validate permit
    • Pending approval – Our Admin needs to check on eligibility for the permit type selected. An email will be sent notifying you to pay or to apply for a different permit once the decision has been made
    • Pending availability – The parking zone is currently full and you are placed on a waitlist for the zone. An email will be sent to you once a stall becomes available

To view or print your receipt:

  • Go to the ePermit system
  • Log in under ‘Manage My Permits’
  • On the ‘My Orders’ section, select the invoice you want to view/print
  • If you did not see any invoices listed under my invoices, scroll up to the Notifications section to see if there is a ‘View your permit invoice’ line item

To change/delete license plates on file:

  • Go to the ePermit system
  • Log in under ‘Manage My Permits’
  • On your profile, click on the triangle beside ‘Currently Active Permits’
    • Click on the permit number to see the current license plate(s) listed under the permit
    • To add: click on ‘Add a license plate’
    • To delete: click on the ‘x’ on the top left-hand corner of the license plate number
    • To change: click on the ‘x’ to delete wrong/unused license plates, then click on ‘Add a license plate’

Username and Password Help

Your username is the email address that was used to register.

  • Forgot your username? Email Parking [at] rdc [dot] ab [dot] ca to request your username info
  • Forgot your password? Go to the ePermit system login page and click ‘Forgot Password’

Requests for Refunds

Students who need to request a parking refund should email refund details to parking [at] rdc [dot] ab [dot] ca (). Please indicate the reason for cancelling and provide the permit number and first and last 4 digits of the credit card used to pay for parking online. Refunds can only be refunded to the original source of payment.

Normally, the process will take around two to three weeks, but it may take up to one month to receive your refund.


Questions on parking can be directed to parking [at] rdc [dot] ab [dot] caor please call the Cashier's Office at 403.342.3132.

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