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Visual Art instructor inducted into International Academy of Ceramics

Friday, July 24, 2020

Trudy Golley at ArteMacau 2019 - image credit Paul Leathers

Red Deer College Visual Art instructor, Trudy Golley, is an official member of the International Academy of Ceramics (IAC), which is the principal organization representing the interests of ceramists worldwide. 

The 2020 IAC Congress, which included the induction ceremony and art exhibition, was scheduled for this summer in Rovaniemi/Posio, Finland, until the global COVID-19 pandemic forced its postponement. Despite the delay in formal recognition, Golley is considered a full-fledged member of the Academy.  

“The IAC membership represents 74 countries across all continents, and this prestigious induction and honour recognizes Trudy’s expertise and vision, and reflects the high-calibre instruction available to RDC students,” says Dr. Jane MacNeil, Dean of School of Arts & Sciences and School of Creative Arts. “This is not only a well-deserved recognition of Trudy’s accomplishments, but also enhances the intellectual and cultural environment of RDC.” 

Golley’s introduction to the Academy began in 1999, when she was invited to participate in the art exhibition that was being held as part of the IAC Congress in Waterloo, Ontario. This experience opened up several personal and professional opportunities. 

“There is an incredible amount of networking that happens at an IAC Congress. Being an educator, I’m always interested in how ceramics is taught around the world, and I can have those in-person conversations with artists from many different countries,” says Golley. 

“There’s usually a showcase of global ceramic work, including from the members of the host country, as part of a large museum exhibition. It is always interesting and great exposure to see things first hand rather than in a photograph.”  

Golley’s connection to the IAC has already brought opportunities for RDC learners and instructors. 

“As a result of an IAC member recommending me in 1999, I was contacted by an art student from Denmark, Ann-Charlotte Ohlsson, and as part of her studies at the Bornholm Ceramics and Glass school. She was required to find a mentorship somewhere in the world, and she asked to be my studio assistant for three months. It was a great opportunity because I learned as much from her as she learned from me, and it formed an enduring friendship,” explains Golley. RDC also retained one of Ohlsson’s pieces for our College’s Permanent Art Collection. 

“In 2013, Ann-Charlotte was invited to RDC to be one of our artists-in-residence and worked with our students,” says Golley. “As an international artist, she has generously put some of my students in touch with other artists around the world who were looking for an apprentice or studio helper.” 

For Golley, the journey to become a member of the Academy gained momentum in 2019, and it involved the support from three IAC members. “I was nominated by Janet DeBoos, who is a very high-profile ceramic artist in Australia. She was on the IAC Governing Council, and it was wonderful to have her support,” says Golley. “Martina Lantin and Robert Harrison, who I really admire as colleagues and artists, backed the nomination, and I found out in October that I was elected. I am extremely excited and honoured to be an IAC member.” 

DeBoos is a Professor Emerita of the School of Art & Design at Australian National University in Camberra. Lantin teaches at the Alberta University of the Arts, and Harrison is an independent Canadian artist and author who lives in Helena, Montana. All three artists helped make Golley one of 16 IAC members from Canada.  

In addition to her ongoing connection with colleagues and participation in international exhibitions, Golley’s membership provides the opportunity to vote on IAC matters. There is the potential for future opportunities for RDC learners facilitated by her connection to, and membership in, the Academy. 

Golley has a wealth of education and experience. She studied at the Alberta College of Art, University of Calgary and holds a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Tasmania in Australia. She has taught Ceramics and Visual Fundamentals at the College since 2000, and her artistic influence extends beyond RDC. Golley has had opportunities to teach, present, and lead workshops in Canada, Australia, China, Denmark, Scotland, Malta and the United States. She has had her artwork featured and articles published in books and journals around the world. 

Golley plans to attend and exhibit some of her artwork at the 2021 Congress, which will be held in Rovaniemi/Posio, Finland. 

Visit RDC’s website to learn more about RDC’s Visual Art program. 


Photo caption:  Trudy Golley at ArteMacau in 2019 (image credit Paul Leathers) 

About IAC: The IAC, which was founded in 1952, brings professionals together from around the globe to promote ceramic culture and conversation, reflection and the sharing of knowledge. The Academy is a partner of United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). The IAC is based in Geneva Switzerland. 

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