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Collaboration and community at our core

Darcy Mykytyshyn, Director, Partnerships and Advancement

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Darcy Mykytyshyn

As you consider where your investment dollars will be going in 2021, we would like you to consider investing in RDC.  

A bold suggestion, maybe, but allow me a moment to share with you why your strategic investment in Red Deer College now can have an even greater impact – and greater payoff – than ever before.  

Here’s what we know:  

Central Albertans rely on Red Deer College. RDC is an economic driver in our region, a significant employer, and the institution of choice for thousands of learners each year. We play a critical role in the work that gets done in our region, across a wide range of industries.  

Central Alberta has been hit hard by COVID-19. We know that our neighbours have had to make some hard choices in their organizations: How will we do more with less? How will we maintain our level of service without increasing costs to our clients and customers?  We face the same challenges at RDC. 

What we need to do is work together.  Like everyone in our region, we are re-envisioning how Red Deer College supports central Alberta and adds value to the fabric of our region.  We all need to invest in each other, which for us includes delivering the broad range of credentials and meaningful programs that Central Albertans depend on, providing more options for more students to stay and study in our region, and building solutions to support a sustained economic recovery. We are continually looking for ways to add value to the community, and I believe that partnerships are at the core of this work. Our future is determined by the actions we take today.   

We want to build strategic partnerships that add value to your company and benefit our students in turn. RDC learners want to see a clear link between the coursework that they’re engaged in and the meaningful work they will go on to do in their careers. They want to see professionals in the fields they are studying and employment when they complete. Your presence on our campus gives learners confidence in the path that they have chosen.  

What does partnership with Red Deer College mean? We partner with hundreds of businesses, entrepreneurs and community organizations every year to support a wide range of business needs. We provide business solutions, including employee training and executive education, access to specialized facilities and equipment, and research and development support. We are a hub of community connections, and we are always looking for ways to grow our network of business and community organizations that are finding unique and strategic partnership opportunities. We work with industry partners to secure federal funding grants; these applications often require industry endorsement that the work we are engaging in will directly benefit the businesses in our region. We are committed to finding meaningful ways to acknowledge sponsors and donors across campus, including creating spaces that reflect real work environments. I can confidently say that Red Deer College is uniquely poised to offer such a broad and customizable range of partnership opportunities.  

In RDC’s Centre for Innovation in Manufacturing - Technology Access Centre (CIM-TAC), Research Common and Donald School of Business, learners are working on solutions to real problems that central Alberta businesses and organizations face. This experience and hands-on learning serve them well as they transition into their careers. Having these experiences in a multi-disciplinary environment adds value to their education as it encourages them to think creatively and suggest solutions that might seem wildly out of the box. These are the innovative thinkers that you want in your organization.  

When asked about the impact of the recently tabled provincial budget on RDC’s budget planning process, RDC President, Dr. Peter Nunoda, had this to say: 

“We recognize that RDC’s budget must reflect the current economic conditions in which we find ourselves, while demonstrating creativity and innovation as we seek new sources of revenue to ensure our future sustainability as an organization.” 

We don’t want a post-secondary in central Alberta defined by the aspirations of others. We want an institution defined by the aspirations of the people it serves.  It’s not in our nature to wait for things to happen, our nature in this region is to make things happen. 

Peter went on further to say, “RDC is proud of the important role we play in our community. We provide our students with robust training that allows them to graduate and contribute their expertise to drive Alberta’s diverse economy as we recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, and beyond.”  

As an organization, we understand the challenges that other businesses are facing because we are facing them ourselves. We want to partner with you to continue building the post-secondary institution that our region needs and deserves.  It’s not going to be easy, nothing worth having ever is.  It is going to require all of us to play a role, leverage our strengths, and support one another in building an ecosystem that is the envy of Alberta.   We will look for new ways to invest in you while working hard to earn your business, whether it is having someone from your household attend our programs, bringing our expertise to your organization, or asking you to consider a long-term investment in RDC through a scholarship, sponsorship, or gift. 

Investing in RDC will pay dividends well into the future. I welcome the opportunity to show you all of the ways that our partnership can improve the community, your work and your business.  

darcy [dot] mykytyshyn [at] rdc [dot] ab [dot] ca (subject: RE%3A%20Collaboration%20and%20community%20at%20our%20core) (Darcy Mykytyshyn, B.Comm, ICD.D )

Director | Partnerships and Advancement 


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