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Business and Industry

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We want to be your partner of choice for your business needs. Let RDC help your company take advantage of the talent and resources we have to offer. We help our business and industry partners discover innovative solutions to their business challenges and access opportunities to accelerate their success. When you succeed, we succeed.  

Let's Connect

Whether you support RDC through philanthropic gifts, work with us to accelerate your business, or volunteer your time and expertise, we can help you make an impact – to students, the RDC community, to central Alberta and the businesses that rely on our College for innovation and talent.  

Our Business Development Team is here to help you connect with RDC and help your company take advantage of the talent and resources we have to offer. 

engage [at] rdc [dot] ab [dot] ca (subject: Website%20inquiry) (Connect )with our Business Development team to learn more about how support for RDC can benefit your business. 

Call or email:

engage [at] rdc [dot] ab [dot] ca (subject: Corporate%20Philanthropy%3A%20ATTN%20Industry%20and%20Partner%20Engagement%20Lead) (Industry and Partner Engagement Lead) | 403.506.9503 or 
engage [at] rdc [dot] ab [dot] ca (subject: Corporate%20Philanthropy%20ATTN%3A%20Director%20of%20Business%20Development) (Director of Business Development) | 403.896.6922 

Advisory Committees

Ensuring our learners leave RDC with the necessary skills to make a meaningful and immediate impact in their communities is critical in delivering our mission - to enrich our communities through intellectual, economic, cultural and social development. RDC’s Advisory Committees provide the opportunity for us to listen and to better understand the communities that our learners and graduates contribute to.  

Insights from our Advisory Committees allow us to evolve both our strategic direction and programming to prepare our learners for the dynamic needs of future workplaces. Our Industry and Partner Advisory Committees (IPACs) are organized by School, department or area focusing on strategic direction and macro-trends, while our Program Advisory Committees (PACs) are organized by program area and focus on program outcomes and curriculum direction. 

In addition to supporting RDC to fulfill its role as the intellectual pillar of central Alberta, being a member of an RDC Advisory Committee is a valuable experience for you and your organization. Previous members point to the unmatched networking opportunity with leaders within and across industry sectors; in some cases, even leading to new business ventures and collaborations!  

Industry and Partner Advisory Committees

An Industry and Partner Advisory Committee (IPAC) is a group of industry and community leaders brought together to advise strategic planning efforts by providing industry knowledge and insights. The primary purpose of our IPACs is to deepen RDC’s relationships with its external stakeholders and industry partners by better understanding both their current and emerging needs and helping to identify opportunities for collaboration and mutually beneficial.  

IPACs typically have 6 to 12 members, providing a breadth of expertise, experience and perspectives; we also strongly encourage student representation on IPACs as another forum for beyond- the- classroom learning. Members meet at least twice per year and serve 2 -year terms.  

Connect with our tarah-lynn [dot] truant [at] rdc [dot] ab [dot] ca (subject: Industry%20and%20Partner%20Advisory%20Committees) (Industry and Partner Engagement Lead )to learn more about Advisory Committees and how to get involved.

Program Advisory Committees

The world of work is in a state of rapid and continuous change. It is more important than ever for RDC to have a continuous dialogue with our industry and community partners. Program Advisory Committees (PACs), organized within each of our Schools and program areas, provide critical input to our program leaders on the direction of programming and curriculum delivered to our learners.  

PACs typically have 6 to 8 members who can collectively represent the field of work our graduates will enter. Members meet at least once per academic year to provide advice and guidance regarding the education and training of learners within the program area. 

Connect with one of our Schools to learn more about how to get involved as a PAC member:

  • artscienceinfo [at] rdc [dot] ab [dot] ca (subject: Program%20Advisory%20Committees%20%E2%80%93%20Attn%3A%20Associate%20Dean%20) (School of Arts and Sciences)
  • dsbinfo [at] rdc [dot] ab [dot] ca (subject: Program%20Advisory%20Committees%20%E2%80%93%20Attn%3A%20Associate%20Dean%20) (Donald School of Business)
  • creativearts [at] rdc [dot] ab [dot] ca (subject: Program%20Advisory%20Committees%20%E2%80%93%20Attn%3A%20Associate%20Dean%20) (School of Creative Arts)
  • education [at] rdc [dot] ab [dot] ca (subject: Program%20Advisory%20Committees%20%E2%80%93%20Attn%3A%20Associate%20Dean%20) (School of Education)
  • healthsciences [at] rdc [dot] ab [dot] ca (subject: Program%20Advisory%20Committees%20%E2%80%93%20Attn%3A%20Associate%20Dean%20) (School of Health Sciences)
  • tradesandtechnologies [at] rdc [dot] ab [dot] ca (subject: Program%20Advisory%20Committees%20%E2%80%93%20Attn%3A%20Associate%20Dean%20) (School of Trades and Technologies)


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