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Payment Dates and Deadlines 

Tuition Deposit 

A non-refundable tuition deposit is required for all new and returning students admitted to a credit program (excluding TVP) for Fall 2020 and all new and returning international students admitted to Winter 2021. Continuing students are not required to pay a tuition deposit. Click here for detailed information on the Fall 2020 and Winter 2021 tuition deposit.  

Term Tuition & Fee Payment Deadlines 

Tuition and fees for each term are due on or before the following dates: 

Term Study Period Tuition and Fee Payment Deadline
Summer 2020 July - August 2020 July 2, 2020
Fall 2020 September - December 2020 August 14, 2020
Winter 2021 January - April 2021 January 4, 2021
Spring 2021 May - June 2021 May 3, 2021


Any alternate arrangements for deferrals or payment plans must be made before the applicable due date. If tuition or fees remain unpaid after the due date, your registration will be canceled. If this is to occur, you may re-register should space be available and payment is made at the time of re-registration. 

It is the College's expectation that every student who receives services, for which a financial obligation is incurred, meet that obligation. College staff are empowered to act in accordance with established procedures to carry out the intent of this policy. Admission to the college, permission to register, transcripts, enrollment verifications and diplomas/certificates will be withheld for failure to meet financial obligations. 

RDC reserves the right to correct errors or omissions in publishing and alter fees without notice. 


Payment Methods 

Through The Loop: Log in to your Loop account and click on Money Matters from the menu, then Student Fees. Click on eBill+ePayment to enter the online payment system. Pay by Interac/debt, Visa, Mastercard or American Express.  

Online Banking: Set up Red Deer College as a payee within your online banking account to make online payments to RDC. Use your 9-digit student ID number as your account number. Please allow 3 business days for bank processing.  

Over the Phone: Have your credit card ready and call the Cashiers Office at 403.342.3132 during our regular business hours (Monday to Friday between 8:30am - 4:30pm). 

In Person: All acceptable forms of payment (cash, credit card, Interact/debit, cheque, bank drafts, and money orders) can be made at the Cashiers Office during our regular business hours (Monday to Friday between 8:30am - 4:30pm). Please note all cheques, bank drafts and money orders must include your 9-digit student ID number and be payable to Red Deer College. Postdated payments are not accepted.  

By Mail: Cheques, bank drafts and money orders can be mailed to the RDC Cashiers Office. Please note all cheques, bank drafts and money orders must include your 9-digit student ID number and be payable to Red Deer College. Postdated payments are not accepted.  

Red Deer College Cashiers Office 
Box 5005 - 100 College Blvd 
Red Deer, AB  T4N 5H5 

Enrol in an RDC Payment Plan: If you are unable to submit the full payment of your term tuition and fees by the tuition and fee payment deadline, you may choose to enrol in a payment plan. By doing so, your term tuition and fees will be split into monthly payments. To enrol in a payment plan, log in to your Loop account and select Money Matters from the menu, then click on Student Fees. Select eBill+ePayment to enter the online payment system, then select Payment Plans and proceed to set up a new payment plan. Please note: 

  • Your payment plan must be initiated prior to the term tuition and fee payment deadline. Subsequent payments will follow the term schedule noted below: 
    • Fall: Initial payment at setup, then September 30, October 31, and November 30. 
    • Winter: Initial payment at setup, then February 1, March 1 and April 1. 
    • Spring: Initial payment at setup and June 1. 
    • Summer: Initial payment at setup and August 1. 
  • A $50 deferral administration charge will be applied to your account.  
  • Payment plans must be set up for each term.  
  • Apprenticeship students are not able to enrol in an RDC payment plan.  
  • Students enrolled in RDC's School of Continuing Education programming are unable to enrol in this payment plan, but may have alternative payment plan options, depending on their course/program. 

Higher Ed Points: RDC students can make payments towards their tuition and fees by converting rewards points through the HigherEd Points program.  

Student Loans, Awards and Other Funding: Students receiving loans, grants, awards, bursaries, etc. are responsible for verifying their funding will cover the full amount owed to RDC and for paying any outstanding balance if it does not. Contact the Student Connect Centre at 403.342.3254 or studentconnect [at] rdc [dot] ab [dot] ca to discuss your situation and to determine whether you are required to make a payment to RDC.  

Sponsorships: Students who are having any portion of their tuition and fees paid by a third-party sponsor (employer, First Nation, not-for-profits, etc.) must submit a sponsorship letter to the Cashiers Office prior to the term tuition and fee payment deadline. 

Faculty & Staff Tuition Waivers: Eligible RDC employees are required to submit completed Tuition Waiver Applications to the Human Resources for review and processing. Upon approval, any waiver entitlement will be credited to the student's account.  


Fee Descriptions and Program Cost Estimates 

Tuition rates vary by program and/or course. Billing credits are assessed in accordance with the Assignment of Academic and Billing Credits to Courses Policy. Fees are determined as per the Mandatory Instructional and Non-Instructional Fees Policy.  

RDC's Program Cost Estimates provide a breakdown of the estimated cost for each year of each program, based on the current academic year's tuition and fee rates. These estimates are based on 100% full-time enrolment.  

Click here for a summary of RDC administrative fees. 

Material and Special Fees are in addition to regular tuition rates and reflect the extra costs associated with specific courses such as travel, supplies and materials. Click here to review the current list of material and special fees. 

The Activity and Wellness Fee is used to improve and expand student access and programming related to physical activity, wellness and athletics.  

The Facility, Service & Technology (FST) Fees support maintaining and improving the College's infrastructure as per the following: 

  • Facilities 
    • Emergency communication systems 
    • Security systems 
    • Signage 
    • Interior and exterior environments (study kiosks, flooring, washrooms, barrier-free accessibility, pedestrian walkways, etc.) 
  • Services 
    • Registration and advising services 
    • Student Connect Centre 
    • Career and personal counselling services 
    • Student identification card 
  • Technologies 
    • Administrative software 
    • Network/wireless systems 
    • Mobile applications 
    • Provision of online services 

Details regarding Students' Association Fees, including those pertaining to the Health & Dental Plan, can be found by visiting the Students' Association of RDC website


Cancellations and Refunds 

Contact the Cashiers Office to request a refund. Please note refund processing may take up to 6 weeks.  

  • Payments made via credit card (excluding RDC Residence deposits) will be refunded to the credit card used at the time of payment. 
  • Payments made via cash, cheque, bank draft, money order or wire transfer will be refunded to the student in the form of a cheque. 
  • Payments made via government funding (ie. student loans and grants) will be refunded to the government agency. 
  • Payments made via third-party sponsorship will be refunded directly to the corporate sponsor. 
  • Refunds for international wire transfers may take over 6 months to process. 

Credit Programming 

Students who cancel registration prior to the last day to add/drop will receive a full refund of tuition and fees, less their non-refundable tuition deposit. 

Students who cancel registration after the last day to add/drop are not entitled to a refund. Students with exceptional circumstances may appeal this decision by completing a Late Drop Request and submitting it to the Office of the Registrar.  

Tuition and fees will be fully refunded if a course/program is cancelled by RDC. 

Apprenticeship Programs 

Apprenticeship students who cancel registration prior to the first day of technical training are entitled to a refund, less the cancellation fee.  

School of Continuing Education Programming 

Students enrolled in RDC's School of Continuing Education courses or programming should discuss cancellations and potential refunds with the School of Continuing Education (ce [at] rdc [dot] ab [dot] ca or 403.356.4900). 


Tax Information 

Before March 1 of each year, RDC will issue the following tax forms for the previous calendar year: 

T2202 Tuition Enrolment Certificate: Issued to individuals enrolled in post-secondary credit programming exceeding $100 in tuition fees in the calendar year.  

T4A Statement of Pension, Retirement, Annuity and Other Income: Issued to individuals in receipt of at least $500 from RDC in the form of awards, bursaries, etc. in the calendar year. 

T4 Statement of Remuneration Paid: Issued to individuals in receipt of employment income from RDC in the calendar year.  


Contact Us 

Please feel free to connect with the Cashiers Office should you have any questions or concerns regarding any of the above. We are located in the hallway beside the Office of the Registrar (Room 1100) and can be reached at cashier [at] rdc [dot] ab [dot] ca or 403.342.3132. 

Contact Us

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