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Challenge Exams

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A Challenge examination process may allow students to obtain a formal grade (A-F or WD) on their College transcript when their prior learning is recognized.

Students applying for a Challenge Exam must complete and submit a Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) application, accompanied by the appropriate supporting documentation, as determined by the College Assessors, outlining the previous course-specific learning which qualifies the application.

Upon approval of a Challenge Exam by the College, the student must pay the requisite non-refundable Challenge fee and register in the Challenge section of the course. The outcome of the Challenge process will be indicated as a comment for the requisite course on the official transcript, indicate the grade earned and the appropriate credit weight.

The outcome of the Challenge is indicated on the transcript regardless of the grade obtained.

Additional details for you to be aware of relating to the Challenge process are:

  • Students may not challenge an RDC course for which they have already received a passing grade. Students may challenge an RDC course which they have previously failed, if, subsequent to taking the course, they have obtained another learning experience elsewhere.
  • Students may not challenge a course previously waived as a pre-requisite for a higher-level course, or where Advanced Placement (AP), Prior Learning Credit (PL), or Transfer Credit (TR) has already been granted.
  • A challenge must be completed within the term in which the student is registered in the Challenge section of the course and on or before the last day of final exams for that term. Once the challenge is complete, the notation “Challenge” is placed as a course comment underneath the course on the transcript; and a grade is also assigned. If the student is unable to complete the Challenge exam before the last day of the final exams in the term in which they are registered for the Challenge, they may apply to Withdraw from the Challenge process. If a student is granted a withdrawal from the Challenge process, the notation “WD”, with the Challenge comment appears on the transcript.

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