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Bryan Rowsell Ph.D

Science & Engineering
Room 1607C

Bryan received his PhD in organometallic chemistry under the tutelage of Dr. Martin Cowie at the University of Alberta in 2004. Prior to that, he earned an honours BSc in physical
chemistry (minor in astrophysics) from McMaster University in 1998.  In 2004, he began a post‒doctoral fellowship at the University of Alberta working with Dr. Jonathan Veinot in the area of nano‒materials on a project funded by Honda Motor Company (patent # 7632332).  After teaching stints at Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops, BC and Capilano University in North Vancouver, BC, Bryan began teaching at RDC in 2006.


Ph.D. (organometallic chemistry), University of Alberta
B.Sc. (honours, physical chemistry, physics minor), McMaster University   

Main Areas of Teaching

General Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry.

Scholarly Activity

Bryan has begun some research into the use of metacognition and how it can be applied to chemical education.

Selected Publications:
Samant, R.G.; Graham, T.G.; Rowsell, B.D.; McDonald, R.; Cowie, M. “Coordination and Activation of Diazoalkanes in the Presense of Rh/Ru and Rh/Os Metal Combinations,” Organometallics 2007, 27, 3070‒3081.
Rowsell, B.D.; Veinot, J.G.C. “Reductive thermolysis of a heterocyclic precursor: A convenient method for preparing luminescent, surfactant stabilized silicon nanoparticles,” Nanotechnology 2005, 16, 732-736.
Chokshi, A.; Rowsell, B.D.; Trepanier, S.J.; McDonald, R.; Cowie, M. "Carbon-Carbon Formation Promoted by Adjacent Metal Centres: Allene Insertions into a "Rh(µ-CH¬2)M" (M = Ru, Os) Moiety Yielding Hydrocarbyl-bridged Fragments," Organometallics 2004, 23, 4759-4770.
Rowsell, B.D.; McDonald, R.; Cowie, M. “Rh/Ru Bimetallic Complexes as Models for Oxygenate Formation in the Fischer-Tropsch Process,” Organometallics 2004, 23, 3873-3883.
Rowsell, B.D.; Ferguson, M.J.; McDonald, R.; Cowie, M. "Carbon-Carbon Formation Promoted by Adjacent Metal Centres: Alkyne Insertions into a "Rh(µ-CH¬2)Ru" Moiety Yielding C3- and C5-bridged Fragments," Organometallics 2003, 22, 2944-2955.
Rowsell, B.D.; Trepanier, S.J.; Lam, R.; McDonald, R.; Cowie, M. "Methylene-Bridged Complexes of Rhodium/Ruthenium as Models for Bimetallic Fischer-Tropsch Catalysts: Comparisons with the Rh/Os and Ir/Ru Anaglogues," Organometallics 2002, 21, 3228-3237.
Rowsell, B.D.; Heard, G.; Gillespie, R.J. "Ligand Close Packing and the Lewis Acidity of BF3 and BCl3," Inorg. Chem. 1999, 38, 4659-4662.

Conference Presentations:
Recent Presentations
2017 ‒ College Chemistry Canada (C3) Annual Conference, “Bridging the Gap: from High School to University Chemistry”, University of Toronto, Toronto, ON.
2017 ‒ Central Alberta Teachers Association Conference, “Bridging the Gap: from High School to University Chemistry”, Red Deer College, Red Deer, AB.
2016 ‒ College Chemistry Canada (C3) Annual Conference, “Chemical Analogies I”, Mount Saint Vincent University, Halifax, NS.
2014 ‒ College Chemistry Canada (C3) Annual Conference, “Using 3D Printing for Chemical Models”, Memorial University, Grenfell Campus, Corner Brook, NL.

Community Involvement:

  • Give workshops to high−school chemistry teachers in local school districts
  • Science advisor to high−school and middle−school science fair projects
  • Volunteer instructor at RDC’s Red Hot Science and Young Chefs summer camps

Professional and/or RDC Leadership:

  • Professional Development Committee, Supercluster B Representative, 2017 − present
  • Recognition of Scholarly Activity Committee (RoSA), 2017 – present
  • Co−Coordinator, Engineering Program, 2012 − present

Professional Memberships:
Canadian Society for Chemistry ‒ 2001 to present
American Chemical Society ‒ 2006 to present

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