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Flexible Learning

online learning

What is Flexible Learning?

Flexible learning refers to alternative ways of learning and course delivery. 

Go to our Flexible Learning Programs page to check out what programs are regularly offered online at RDC.

Benefits of Flexible Learning

  • Flexible Learning allows you to access your courses online when it is convenient for you.
  • RDC's courses are designed and developed for online delivery to make sure student interactions and activities are best suited for that delivery method.
  • It allows you to complete a college program while still fulfilling other life, family or work obligations alongside it. 
  • There are limits in class sizes so you can engage with your instructor and classmates more comfortably.

Our learning options include:

  • Online classes
  • Blended classes
  • Distance classes

Delivery Methods

Synchronous: includes real time learning/instruction through live classes and has a predetermined schedule of due dates and deadlines

Asynchronous: learning/instruction does not take place in real time (no live classes), and depending on the instructor, may or may not include a predetermined schedule of due dates or deadlines. More information on learning options and delivery methods can be found on our Definitions page.

 Am I prepared to be a Flexible Learning Student?

Before committing to Flexible Learning, work through our readiness checklist to see if alternative delivery methods are right for you. The checklist will also help you prepare and succeed as an  online, blended and/or distance learner.

Computer Requirements

It is important to have a reliable internet connection and enough bandwidth to watch videos and participate in live classes. Look through our Computer Requirements section to, see in detail, what technology and software you require.

Student Portal


TheLoop is your key access to RDC, it is where you will access your grades, schedule, unofficial transcripts and pay your tution.

Your Learning Management System


Blackboard is a learning management system used at Red Deer College. This is where you will access all of your course material, submit assignments, take exams, engage in group discussions, and interact with the instructor and other students.

Online Success Toolkit – Learning Modules

An interactive tool to prepare you to be an online learner. It guides you on how to prioritize your tasks, how to create a schedule, gives you troubleshooting tips and it lets you play around and learn how to navigate Blackboard and its interactive tools.

Virtual Classes - Collaborate Ultra

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra is a virtual classroom for online learning, mentoring and meetings in a collaborative environment. If you are taking an online class this semester, you may have online classes in Collaborate Ultra.


Some instructors may have you write exams from home in a locked down browser, some will get you to write the exams through Blackboard, and some may require you to write them with an invigilator (supervisor).

  • Blackboard Exams
  • Respondus Lockdown Browser
  • Off-Campus Testing with an Invigilator