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Computer Requirements for Online Learning

We would like to make sure that you have a successful online learning experience, and your computer and internet connection are two important pieces to this!

Please Note: In Internet Explorer, click NO for the security warning in order to see the embedded videos within Blackboard.

System Requirements

If your computer does not have the most recent Operating System, Blackboard may run slowly or may not run at all. Prior to using Blackboard on your computer, compare your current system configuration with the system requirements below.

System Requirements Operating System   
  Windows Macintosh
Minimum Windows 10 OS X (10.13)
Recommended Windows 10 OS X (10.15)
  Android IOS
Minimum 9.x 10.3.4
Recommended 10.x 12.4.6







Blackboard works on Chromebooks, Android and IOS devices, but if you are completing an online test in Blackboard, we recommend doing so on Windows or Mac computer.

Internet Connection

We recommend a 5.0 Mbps or higher internet connection. A wi-fi connection is acceptable, but you may experience lag when accessing or participating within certain environments, depending upon the service you use. Dial-up, satellite, and cellular may be used, but these are not recommended due to problems experienced when completing quizzes, participating in any web-conferencing, and in viewing video content.

Computer Skill Requirements

Students should be able to:

  • Navigate the directory/folder structure of their computer's hard drive, and search for files on their hard drive
  • Create directories, folders, and files, as well as organize files on their computer's hard drive
  • Use a word-processing program, and save word-processing documents in different file formats
  • Use an email program, including saving and sending attachments, and uploading and downloading files as email message attachments
  • Use a web browser
  • Be willing to learn how to use a discussion board, and upload assignments through your course system

Keys To Your Success

  • #1- Time management skills!
  • Self-discipline
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • A USB microphone and webcam for those courses with a virtual class, using Blackboard Collaborate Ultra

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