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Invigilators and Test Centres

Acceptable Invigilator Occupations

  • Teacher/educational professional (active or retired) above the pre-school level
  • Administrative employee of a university, school, or college Institution
  • Religious institution official (e.g., priest, rabbi, pastor, minister, pundit, nun, monk)
  • Graduate student with current teaching experience
  • Accountant
  • Lawyer
  • Professional engineer
  • Human resources department or training/development staff at student's place of employment 
  • Library staff
  • Military officer (for members of the military and their spouses only)
  • Law enforcement officer

An acceptable exam invigilator will be an independent, objective third-party individual who is willing to administer and supervise these tests. This person may be referred to as an invigilator, proctor or exam administrator. This person CANNOT be related to, or be a personal friend of the applicant.  Acceptable persons could be approved exam centres, high school or college instructors, principals or counselors, librarians, or perhaps employees of a government or not-for-profit agency. If they charge a fee, or request additional supplies, it will be the responsibility of the student to pay this fee and/or any additional charges.

You can also find an invigilator at an approved test centre

Invigilation network of contacts provided by Athabasca University


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