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Sprinkler Systems Installer Schedule

Please see our Apprenticeship Schedule for more details on program delivery and additional links and resources.

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Delivery Information

Sprinkler Systems Installer 2021/ 2022 First Period (101)

Sprinkler Systems Installer 2021/ 2022 Second Period (201)

Sprinkler Systems Installer 2021/2022 Third Period (301)

Course Costs, Books and Materials

Delivery Information

Face-to-Face delivery

Face-to-Face delivery is offered fully on campus.  Apprentices will be required to attend classes and practical/ shop portions in person on our campus.

Blended delivery

Blended delivery is offered with the theory portion online and the practical/ shop portions offered on campus.  Apprentices come on campus only when they are scheduled to complete the practical/shop portions of their courses.  We have extended the schedule for blended delivery training to give you more time to complete the theory portions online.  However, if you are able to advance through the theory portions quickly, you may have the option to finish your program earlier than the last day in the schedule.

The online theory portion of our programs will be in a mainly Online Any Time format. You will mostly be able to set your own hours for when you work on your course material.  Any Online Real Time online portions of the class will be scheduled and communicated with sufficient prior notice so you can ensure you are available. More information will be provided by your instructor. 

Important notes regarding on-campus learning

If there is an instance of COVID-19 affecting you or your class, your on-campus sessions may be interrupted or shifted to online methods in order to meet Alberta Health Services requirements.  All our classes will continue to follow the guidelines set out by Alberta Health Services (AHS). If the AHS guidelines change, RDC may be required to adjust or interrupt your on-campus sessions to accommodate these changes.  Your instructor will provide you with additional information in the event of any changes.

Sprinkler Systems Installer First Period 2021/ 2022 Schedule

See Gasfitter/ Common First Period Pipe Trades

See the bottom of this page for your course supply list.

Sprinkler Systems Installer Second Period 2021/ 2022 Schedule

Sprinkler Systems Installer Second Period (201 A)

Face-to-Face Delivery

August 30, 2021 - October 22 2021

Sprinkler Systems Installer Second Period (201 B)

Blended Delivery

January 4, 2022 - April 14, 2022

Apprentices will be required to attend shop/ lab sessions on campus on the following dates:

February 28 - March 4

Sprinkler Systems Installer Third Period 2021/ 2022 Schedule

Sprinkler Systems Installer Third Period (301 A)

Blended Delivery

August 30, 2021 - December 10, 2021

Apprentices will be required to attend shop/ lab sessions on campus on the following dates:

October 18 - 22

Sprinkler Systems Installer Third Period (301 B)

Face-to-Face Delivery

January 4, 2022 - February 25, 2022

Sprinkler Systems Installer Third Period (301 C)

Face-to-Face Delivery

February 28, 2022 - April 22, 2022

Apprenticeship Costs

SSI Course Supplies

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