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On-Campus Learning

RDC will have online, in-person and blended program offerings during Winter Term. If you will be on campus for your courses, please see the information and links below. 

Learning on Campus
Exams, Illness Reporting and Course Completion
Parking and Transit
Textbooks, Course Packs, ILMs and Supplies
Student Services  
Food Services on Campus 
Information for International Students

Learning on Campus

How do I know if I need to come to campus for my classes? 

New, continuing and apprenticeship students can view their schedules through theLoop for details on the delivery of their courses.  

Are there steps I need to complete if I will be learning on campus?  

Yes. Please see the following steps for everyone who is coming to RDC's campuses:

  1. Complete the mandatory COVID-19 training. This only has to be completed once, prior to coming to RDC's campuses. Full details are available at Coming to Campus
  2. Check in each day you are on campus using the COVID-19 Contact Tracing and Alberta Daily Health Checklist using the SAFE RDC App
  3. Wear a face covering. RDC implemented face covering protocols in August, and the Government of Alberta introduced mandatory face coverings in all indoor facilities in December. View full details at Coming to Campus
  4. Maintain a two-metre physical distance. In addition to wearing face coverings, everyone at RDC is required to maintain physical distancing whenever possible. 
  5. Wash your hands and/or use hand sanitizer regularly. Hand sanitizer stations have been installed throughout RDC's campuses. 
  6. Stay home if you are ill. If you suspect your illness may be related to COVID-19, then visit the Alberta Health Services website or contact Alberta Health link at 811.  

For additional information, please see Coming to Campus

Will there be more study areas open on campus in Winter Term?

Yes. Starting on January 11, students who are looking to study on campus can study in the Library. RDC's Library no longer requires students to book a seat at a study table or a computer, and there are no time limits when using those spaces. The only spaces that will require students to book are the Library's Study Rooms and Cubicles, which will have a daily maximum time limit of two hours. Get complete details on the Library's hours and services here

Students who have in-person classes and are looking for a space to go during breaks can also study in the Nova Chemicals Learning Common, the Cenovus Learning Common, and booths on campus. 

Exams, Illness Reporting and Course Completion 

What happens if I am scheduled to write an exam at RDC, but I have developed COVID-19 symptoms? 

Please do not come to campus if you are ill or experiencing COVID-19 symptoms. You can visit RDC’s COVID-19 Illness Reporting Procedures page, which includes a link to Alberta Health Services, as well as the process to undertake for reporting an illness to your instructor. 

When will I know the dates for my final exams? Where can I find the schedule?

The Final Examination Schedule for Winter 2021 Term will be posted on March 12, 2021. It will be posted on TheLoop, Home Channel, and scroll down to the bottom to find the link to the Timetable View – Winter 2021 Final Exam Schedule.  

What should I do if I am ill on the day of my final examination? 

You can apply for a Deferred Final Examination, as identified in RDC’s Final Examinations Policy. You can find the Deferred Examination Application on RDC’s website (available as a Word or PDF document). Completed forms should be emailed to admissions [at] rdc [dot] ab [dot] ca. If your application is approved you will receive further instruction from the Test Centre or your Instructor.  

What if I can’t complete my course(s) for Winter 2021 term?  

All students can still withdraw from courses up until the last day of classes on April 9, 2021. A course withdrawal will result in a WD on your transcript. Students may apply for a late withdrawal after the last day of classes if there are extenuating circumstances.  

The Course Add/Drop Request and the Late Drop Request are available online. Completed forms should be submitted to admissions [at] rdc [dot] ab [dot] ca.  

What if I get sick and can’t complete my course(s)?  

Students who can’t complete their courses as a result of illness can apply for a late drop from courses. A late drop does require documentation that you are ill. Students may request a grade of Incomplete in consultation with their instructor to allow completion of the course after the term end date.

Parking and Transit

Do I have to pay for parking?  

Parking is free for students, faculty, staff and guests throughout Winter Term, and Residence parking fees are also waived. Please note that Lot B, Lot N and Lot R will be closed for the coming months. The parking and entrances map shows the open lots and entrances that you can access on campus this term.  

Will transit passes be available even though I may not be attending on campus?  

Yes, transit passes will be available through the Students’ Association of Red Deer College at a reduced rate for students.   

Textbooks, Course Packs, ILMs and Supplies

How do I order my textbooks and course materials? 

New and used textbooks, course packs, ILMs, merchandise, gifts, art and other supplies can be ordered online anytime or bought in-person from RDC’s Campus Store. For complete details on the Campus Store's hours and procedures, visit Service Updates

You may also find textbooks through the Used Bookstore operated by the Students’ Association of Red Deer College. Please sageneral [at] rdc [dot] ab [dot] ca (email )the SA or contact 403.342.3200 if you have questions.  

How do I receive my textbooks and course materials? 

When ordering course materials and other items online, you can have them shipped to your house or picked up in-person through the Campus Store service window. If you’re picking up your order in-person, please have your order number ready, and wear a face covering. When purchasing course materials and items in-person, wear a face covering. Please see Service Updates for complete details. 

Can I order digital textbooks? 

On, if the textbook says "choice," it will give digital or print options. Not all course materials are currently available in digital format, but the Campus Store is working with publishers to increase the availability of digitalized content. 

Student Services

Are Student Services available?  

Access to student services will be available through online and in-person appointments. Please check Service Updates for information on how to contact and access services.  

The Students’ Association also offers a variety of services including a used bookstore, health and dental plans, food bank, and on-campus food and beverage service through the Far Side Bar and Grill.   

Food Services on Campus

Will I be able to purchase food and eat on campus? 

RDC will have limited food services available on campus in Fall and Winter terms. 

Complete details are available at Food Services

Information for International Students

As an international student is there anything else I should know or do before the Fall term begins?  

We recommend you frequently check COVID-19 Updates for International Students for information specific to study permits and Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) announcements and policy changes.  

Any international students who have questions about textbooks, study permits/IRCC, online learning, or travel to Canada, are encouraged to email their questions to international [at] rdc [dot] ab [dot] ca

Looking for more information? Check out the following pages: 

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