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Our Occupational Health and Safety Program

Our OHS Program promotes health and safety and minimizes the risk of injury and illness at the workplace. It is a common framework that we use every day to identify, evaluate, and manage health and safety hazards throughout the entire organization. The OHS Program applies to anyone employed by RDC; employees, faculty, contractors and suppliers working within RDC workplaces.  The OHS Program has been developed in accordance with provincial OHS legislation and includes the following elements:

  • Workplace Roles, Responsibilities and Rights
  • Hazard Recognition, Assessment and Control
  • Safe Work Practices 
  • Workplace Inspections 
  • Incident Notification, Reporting and Investigation 
  • Emergency Preparedness and Response 
  • Joint OHS Committee
  • OHS Program Review/Revision Process
  • Training

The OHS Program Manual documents the basic structure of the RDC OHS Program.  It also outlines general employer and employee responsibilities related to health and safety with more specific requirements and practices documented within RDC’s Safe Work Practices (SWPs) and supporting Programs 


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