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Parking in Residence

Apply for Parking

**We recommend using Google Chrome as your browser to apply for your parking. 

Parking Opens July 1, 2021 for RDC's 2021-2022 academic year.

How to Apply

  1. Click on apply for parking
  2. Register for a permit
  3. Select parking location – Red Deer College Residence
  4. Select Type (We have emailed you the type of parking that you are eligible to apply for. Please check this email for more information.)
  5. Use your email address to create an account
  6. Enter Name and ID #
  7. Register For “1 Calendar Year”
  8. Add vehicle information
  9. Review and accept your permit
  10. You are registered – Your permit is now being reviewed by RDC Residence 

Parking Rates

Academic Year (September - April) = $472 

Winter 2022 Term Only (January – April) = $236
Full Year (September - June) = $708
Monthly = $59

Apprentice Weekly = $19.50

Parking is complimentary for Fall 2020 for Residence students. Winter 2021 parking registration will open in November 2020. Fall 2020 Residence students will be required to renew their parking permit for the Winter 2021 Term at this time.

General Parking Information

A link to the Residence Parking Application will be provided in your electronic acceptance letter to Residence.  

There is a limited number of parking stalls available so it is important that applications be completed as quickly as possible. Parking lots are assigned on a first paid, first-served basis as long as you have the required information:

  • Vehicle Colour
  • Model
  • Year
  • License Plate Number

Please ensure that you park as straight as possible and between the lines in your respective lot to make room for the vehicle next to you. All Residence parking stalls are equipped with plug-ins. The plug-ins are controlled by a computer and the electricity is on for twenty minutes, then off for twenty minutes, when it is -10 degrees Celsius or colder. Do not plug in a block heater and an in-car heater at the same time, as it will trip the breaker.

Parking Enforcement

A valid Residence parking permit entitles you to park in your assigned lot only. Residents may not apply for parking for vehicles that belong to other RDC students or non-students.

All vehicles in a Red Deer College Residence parking stall must have a valid license plate visible and have current registration. Failure to display a valid license plate with current stickers on the vehicle may result in disciplinary action. You must drive forward into any stall. You are not able to back-in to a stall as this hides the license plate from the road.  

Visitors must park in metered stalls. The meters are set for a maximum of 45 minutes for $1.50 from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday to Friday. After 4:00 pm, and on weekends, visitors can park around the grassy islands by the Rowhouses and in the metered stalls for free.

Parking is lot based. When you apply for parking you will be assigned to a specific lot in Residence. You can park in any stall in this lot. 

When you are not in your assigned parking lot and the Residence Office and/or the Security staff have not been informed, you will be ticketed.

It is illegal to:

  • Park in a lot not assigned to yourself
  • Park in an area posted "No Parking"
  • Park in a barrier-free accommodation parking spot
  • Park straddling the lines
  • Park by a fire hydrant
  • Park in a fire lane

Parking Refunds

When a person has paid the appropriate fee for a parking permit and consequently cancels their parking, a refund may be approved based on the amount of time remaining on the permit.

Students must email rdc [dot] residence [at] rdc [dot] ab [dot] ca (RDC Residence) to initiate the cancellation and refund of parking.